Revolution Stadium At Wonderland Talks Escalating

The Revere Journal is reporting that “talks regarding the building of a new soccer stadium at Wonderland have escalated quickly as of late, and the entire plan is now apparently running hand-in-hand with the casino proposal at Suffolk Downs.”

According to their source

 “They have been in talks for awhile, but things are really moving quickly now and the talks are supposedly in the final stages – even though the actual plan is probably far off,”

The proposed stadium is reportedly planned to be a 15,000 seat stadium. We first reported on this in May of 2011.  Read the Full Revere Journal article here.

6 thoughts on “Revolution Stadium At Wonderland Talks Escalating

  1. I'm totally for this… who would pay for it, though? I can assure you that the voters of this state would be aghast at spending money for a sport that 99 percent of them recoil at its existence.

  2. Hey Sean,

    The team has consistently said that they would pay the actual construction costs for the stadium. The Krafts seemingly want the land and infrastructure taken care of for them.

    As to 15000 seats.. I wouldn't put to much weight in that number. It's possibly a low number designed at this point not to scare the locals. My guess is that they would be shooting for closer to 18-20k.

  3. I guess this is one advantage to having Kraft as an owner. He is powerful, so if he really wants a stadium, he'll get it and we don't have to worry about voters. Having said that, he needs to care which we're still not sure he does.

    If true, (there's no reason to believe this is false info but how sure are we that they are in “the final stages”?) this is a HUGE step for an SSS. I personally would love a stadium in Revere, unfortunately it's not Boston but as long as it's more accessible than Foxboro then it's good!

    Finally, maybe the 15,000 is the permanent amount of seats but they can add more if the demand is there.

  4. Also, just wanted to let you guys know if you didn't see Brian Biello's AMA he said the 15,000 seat rumor is inaccurate. They are indeed aiming for 18-22K.

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